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Working With Us

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Working with us

Key questions and FAQs for partners

What is a strategic partner?

Strategic partners take a lead in an area of work; for example leading a programme.  They share in the decision making about the direction and work of the TSA and have representation on our strategic board.

Becoming an SP with the Shanidar TSA does not prevent you from working with other TSAs.

Why become a Strategic Partner?

Working as an SP allows partners to develop their own staff and capacity in key areas such as CPD and school to school support.  SP staff will get the opportunity to work beyond their own school, to develop practice and pedagogies both in themselves and others, to access research evidence and build their own capacity to improve outcomes for children.

How can we become one?

Strategic partners need to have the capacity to offer support and leadership in one of the three priority areas of Teaching Schools i.e. CPD, Initial Teacher Training, School to School Support (Specialist Leaders in Education).  This may be in one specialist area of education (for example communication and interaction, autism, behaviour, SEND, inclusion).  We are based primarily in Bradford but you do not have to be a Bradford school to join the TSA.

If you feel you have this capacity contact us and we can arrange to come and meet with you.

What is an Alliance Member?

Alliance members do not take a lead role in one of the three areas but can fully access all of the training opportunities and build their capacity over time, if they wish, to become a Strategic Partner and take leadership of an area.

Becoming an AM with the Shanidar TSA does not prevent you from working with other TSAs.

Why become an Alliance Member?

Working as an AM allows you to access support from the TSA, for example training your own teachers, discounted fees for events and Appropriate Body fees.  It can also help you meet key targets in your school development plan by building the capacity of your staff over time.  Staff may observe ITE training sessions with the view to leading some in the future or work alongside shadowing colleagues experienced as SLEs in school to school support.

How can we become one?

Just contact us to express your interest in becoming part of our alliance and we will come and meet with you.

Do we have to become a SP or AM to work with the Shanidar TSA?

No; you can work with Shanidar TSA in an informal and ad hoc way if you wish. You may want to take an ITE student from us or come to our CPD.  You can work with as many Teaching Schools as you choose in this.


Organisational level Roles and responsibilities
Teaching Schools
  1. To maintain the Ofsted grading that allows the TSA to remain designated.
  2. To be responsible for returns and reporting to NCTL.
  3. To receive and account for core funding to members and NCTL
  4. To communicate such returns and reporting to Strategic Partners, Alliance Members and their Governing Bodies.
Strategic Partners
  1. To support and contribute to the delivery of the ‘Big 3’
  2. To deploy staff within their capacity towards the Big 3 (this will be funded)
  3. To sit on the Governing Body of the TSA and contribute towards strategic governance and decision making including performance management of the Head of the TSA.
Associate Members
  1. To support, where appropriate, the work of the TSA.
  2. To build capacity, where appropriate and over time, towards strategic partnership


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