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Our Alliance

Governance Structure

governance structure


Lead School: Southfield

Contract with NCTL

Teaching School Executive Group (monthly)

  • Set main strategic priorities
  • Agree TSA 3 year plan and monitor KPIs
  • Approve budget and expenditure
  • Operational direction of TSA
  • Appoint staff
  • Broker NLE and SLE StSS
  • Receive reports from three strand leads


  • Upload performance data to Data Hub
  • Track progress on KPIs
Strategic Partners

Teaching School Strategic Board

(termly: Oct, March, July)

  • Headteacher strategic partners
  • Forum for strategy delivery, feedback and consultation
Operational delivery
  • CPD needs for DAP schools on TT, RQT, NQT, M&H, NPQs designed and delivered through the DAP Deputies Group.
  • ITT development, design, quality assurance, recruitment and placements organised and delivered with input from the DAP Deputies Group.
  • StSS Strand delivery group organises the processes for StSS and manages SSIF and other funded projects