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Common Training Day

Our next Common Training Day is on Friday 25th October 2019.

Every year, one day is set aside for a full programme of collaborative training events in which all of the special schools participate in.  We invite a variety of external training providers to deliver training on SEN subject areas to increase the knowledge and expertise of our staff across the District. The courses that will be delivered this year can be found in the following table.

 Course title

Trainer's name

Personalised curriculum for YP with special needs HALF DAY Simon Yates
Managing Workload and Time Management Strategies  HALF DAY Alison Read
Curriculum expectations ‘intent, Implementation and Impact' in special Schools Nick Whittaker
Engagement in a Sensory Curriculum Hirstwood Training
Outdoor Learning Training Annie Berrington
Boardmaker Joe Naraynsingh
Improving Outcomes for Autistic Students Jim Taylor
Communication, speech and language training Estelle Byrne 
Affects of Isolation/Timeout  Simon Holding
Mental Health First Aid; Children and Staff Wellbeing Saltaire Training
Behaviour Management Mathew Hodder
Mental Fitness Bernard Allen
Sensory Processing Hannah Flint
Intensive Interaction HALF DAY Donna Barton
Goalball HALF DAY Jenna Hodgkins

These events are for special schools, to register your interest, please email