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Southfield - 37 (Medium)

Inital Teacher Training (ITT)

Our aim is to provide a programme of school-led Initial Teacher Training (ITT) with a focus on inclusion and SEND across mainstream and specialist settings.



Shanidar—West Yorkshire, in Bradford, Keighley, Leeds and Skipton is our innovative School Direct programme for initial teacher training.  

We aim to recruit a cohort of between 15-20 trainees, on a Primary with SEN course. This course is suitable for those wanting to work in either mainstream primary or special schools.   Our partner Exceed SCITT awards QTS and Leeds Trinity University awards the PGCE.

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Our programe

Our programme design is innovative, with 4 potential pathways to choose from:

  • Autism (communication and interaction);

  • Generic SEND (cognition and learning);

  • Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH); and

  • Sensory (VI / HI).  

We aim to match our trainee teachers with a home school in our partnership that matches a particular interest in SEND and/or suits a geographical location where this is possible.  

Our ethos is to champion inclusive education for all pupils and challenge discrimination. If you have a passion for inclusive education and you're wanting to train to be a teacher to make a difference to children's life chances, there is no better place to train than in our diverse partner schools. We can offer opportunities and experiences that very few providers can.

Our schools

Our partnership of 14 schools all have a passion and commitment to providing excellent inclusive education.   We have 8 mainstream primaries and 6 special schools.   Shanidar – West Yorkshire is an amazing place to train and we feel privileged to represent so many Ofsted rated outstanding and good schools in the Bradford, Keighley, Leeds and Skipton areas who share our vision.

  • Bradford Central PRU

  • Brooklands Special School

  • Cottingley Village Primary (DSP—SEMH)

  • Crossley Hall Primary (DSP—Autism)

  • Delius Special School

  • Girlington Primary School (ARC—HI)

  • Grove House Primary (ARC—VI)

  • Farnley Park West SILC special school

  • Hazelbeck Special School

  • Howarth Primary (DSP—Autism)

  • Ingrow Primary

  • Long Lee Primary (DSP—SEMH)

  • Southfield Special School

  • Swain House Primary (ARC—HI)

How to apply

All applications must be made through UCAS.   Search for our School Direct Programme:

Shanidar—West Yorkshire     Provider Code: 2JY
PGCE (with SEN)      Course Code: 39KY


For a discussion about the different pathways on offer, visit the individual provider websites or contact Rob Cameron >>

Southfield - 37 (Medium)